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Why Breeze 360?

Every company has a unique set of needs.  Breeze 360 is designed to mold to the policies and procedures that you already have in place. 

Our software is powerful, friendly, and dependable.  Give us a try and see for yourself.

Employee Attendance

Autopilot for accruals, allowances and absence categories.

Time Worked

Punch in / out can be done from anywhere with complete control.

Time Sheets

Recording the time and project worked details for approval.


Mapped boundaries of approved work locations with auto punch capability.

Leave Management

Employee leave request / approval with absence recording.

Projects & Tasks

Custom projects / tasks for labeling and reporting on time worked.

Mobile Apps

Free feature rich mobile applications for Apple and Android.

Point System

Rules based employee points tracking system with full reporting.


Available fingerprint, and card swipe punch clocks.

Online Reporting

Over 50 valuable online reports for viewing, emailing, inserting into MS Word or Excel.

Payroll Integration

Connect through custom export, onboard integrations or our feature rich API.

In / Out Board

See who is currently in and who is out along and why through web, desktop or mobile app.

Dashboard Views

Separate at a glance command views for employees and supervisors.

Dedicated Training Manager

One on one training and setup of your company policies for the life of the product.


We are constantly adding to the available email and push notifications from Breeze 360.

Single Sign On

Login to Breeze using existing authentication or a dedicated Username and Password.

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Perfect solution for time & attendance

Today Employee’s can work from various locations, receive compensation based upon attendance or work time algorithms, receive points for lateness or simply turn in a weekly timesheet.  

Breeze 360 time and attendance software is easy to use and automatically adheres to your company policies and procedures.  As work force management needs change, Breeze changes direction.

Employee Self Service

Reduce time spent on leave management with employee powered self service. 

Choose from available time while viewing conflicts within the department.  Requests are routed to supervisor for approval.

Breeze accommodates your unique requirements for leave accruals making daily operations simpler.

Breeze 360 time and attendance software employee leave request view

Mobile Check In

Flexible workforce management is key today for companies of all types and sizes. With teams working remotely and at multiple locations, time sheet management demands flexibility and accuracy.

With the Breeze app available on both Android and iOS, mobile check in can be set up for employees. This functionality can extend to approved locations and automatic location requests with mobile check ins. 

Breeze 360 time and attendance software Apple app individual employee mobile punch in view
Breeze 360 time and attendance software employee leave individual view

My Time

Each team member has a comprehensive employee view of all time available allowed, used and remaining. 

Use this view to begin a leave request and plan scheduled time off. Employees can check for any schedule conflicts within your department while planning and then have vacation plans sent to your supervisor(s) for acceptance and approval.

Handoff to Payroll

Work time generated from punch records, timesheets, biometric clocks or mobile apps is approved and processed to the payroll system of your choice. 

Breeze 360 has the ability to handoff data easily to HRIS and payroll systems through included onboard integrations, payroll exports and our open API.

Breeze 360 mobile

Free to Download 

Connect to your Breeze 360 account as an Employee or Supervisor.  Punch in / out, request and approve leave, submit time sheets, access geofencing and view the live in/out board.

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Breeze 360 time and attendance software Apple app employee attendance view

Reduce Errors

Assigned employee shifts control clock in times and stop unexpected overtime.  

Breeze 360 time and attendance software employee leave calendar view

Calendar View

Familiar calendar interface to quickly view and maintain employee absence records.

Powerful Reporting

Over 50 useful reports for managing employee time and attendance. Reporting for individual Employee activity or full Department data. 

Create flexible reporting options or see only the information that you need.  Available in pdf, MS Word, or MS Excel formats.

Breeze 360 Professional

Automated Time & Attendance with Advanced Features
$ 2
per employee / per month / yearly billing
  • Work Time Tracking
  • Time Sheets
  • GPS Geofencing
  • Projects / Tasks
  • In / Out Board
  • Payroll Integration
  • Attendance Mgmt. (automated)
  • Unlimited Time Comp Categories
  • Mobile App - Android & iOS
  • Leave Request
  • Rules Based Accrual
  • Holiday Editor
  • Dedicated Support
  • Maintenance Free
  • Contactless
  • Auto Punch
  • Over 50 Reports
Limited Time

Breeze 360 Lite

Manage Employee Attendance Easily
$ 1
per employee / per month / yearly billing
  • Attendance Management
  • Unlimited Time Comp Categories
  • Leave Request
  • Rules Based Accrual Engine
  • Holiday Editor
  • Dedicated Support
  • Maintenance Free
  • Over 30 reports

Breeze 360
Complete Time and Attendance setup just for You!

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