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Fitting the bill

In today’s cost conscious economy, it’s important to make sure that your software solutions are “Fitting the Bill”. This means doing the job that they were intended to do, not more (meaning you probably paid too much) and not less (making for a cumbersome investment).

Here’s something to consider: Did you know that Software Techniques Diamond series solutions can be used either as stand-alone applications, suitable to the specific needs of your business, or seamlessly integrated together, forming an all-in-one, total time, attendance, and employee HR records management solution?

TIMEKRON Diamond Edition tracks employee time worked, as well as projects, jobs, clients, tasks, locations and more. TimeKron offers a variety of time entry methods including email automated time sheet submission and approval, virtual pc punching, auto punching, or live in/out board punching. TimeKron can also be used with the latest biometric and RFID timekeeping hardware. It also offers the TimeKron Remote option which allows off-site employees to punch in and out via the internet. The flexibility of TimeKron allows it to function in any environment.

SoftTIME Diamond Edition allows you to track employee absences with the simple click of a mouse. It automates accrual, allowance, and carry-over calculations and offers a multitude of useful reports.

HR Diamond Edition Employee Management solution keeps your employee personnel records organized automatically. Our HR software solutions implements fast and accurate maintenance of new and existing employees and is proactive, issuing reminders of pending events such as review dates, renewals of work permits, licenses and certificates, as well as manages employee benefit and eligibility information. Key features of our Human Resource Management System Software include a Virtual Office Assistant, Group Data Entry, Document Image Attachments, and Advanced Searches.

These popular Diamond series solutions truly “Fit The Bill” with the flexibility to be used individually, so you only implement what your business really needs, or as a suite, working seamlessly together, making your business more organized and efficient. Call 540-721-1000 and experience how Software Techniques offers the most cost effective and complete solutions in the industry today.