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What’s costing your business?

Regardless of whose payroll service you utilize, preparing time records can be a burden, time consuming and most importantly, costly. The American Payroll Association estimates that by automating your Time & Attendance, you’ll immediately save on average 9% on your monthly payroll expense. What is your current monthly payroll expense?

But while automating your T&A reduces error and improves efficiency, it is still prone to Buddy Punching. Buddy Punching is when employees fraudulently “punch in” for each other. This can cost an employer thousands of dollars each year in “unearned wages” depending upon the number of employees you have on the clock.

What’s the solution? We recommend deploying fast, easy-to-use, affordable biometric time clocks.

  • Biometrics eliminates buddy/proxy punching
  • Biometrics reduces time for the bookkeeper to manually enter time-slips into the computer
  • Biometrics eliminates the need to purchase/replace punch cards
  • Biometrics eliminates the need to remember passwords
  • Biometrics also improves the morale of those loyal employees who witness each day the less honorable employees who buddy punch and often come into work late or leave early. Why work hard and be punctual, when other employees are cheating and getting away with it??

Biometrics keeps everyone honest and accountable. Isn’t that what is important to you and your business? Call 540-721-1000 and find out why over 50,000 companies world wide have found Software Techniques to offer the most user-friendly and cost effective solutions for their business. On the web, visit: