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When is the best time for a small business to invest in HR Software?

One question posed by growing companies is “when is the best time to implement an HR Software system?” The answer is now! Companies with as few as four employees will see the benefit of implementing some sort of human resource management software.

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Many small businesses don’t have the luxury of a full time human resource department. For those companies, the right HR software can ensure your company starts on the right path in employee management. By using human resource management software, you automate many tedious tasks and easily reduce the time you spend managing time and attendance. It also gives your business a head start on developing, implementing and tracking your company’s employee policies. These systems also cut down on paper work and timecard saving resources and space.

There are a variety of HR software systems that can be used. Attendance tracking software systems, such as Breeze 360, can help ensure that your time off policies are applied uniformly. It can help your business enforce the policies and easily track how much time employees have available.

Time management software systems automate time tracking for employee time worked. By using a system you can easily eliminate payroll errors.

     … I can export data directly into my payroll system with the click of a mouse and it’s done… 

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Systems such as Breeze 360 come stocked with other invaluable features such as live in-out boards, project and job tracking and a variety of “clock in” methods.

Complete HR software systems can help you manage the more tedious aspect of employee management by automating recording keeping. Systems such as Software Techniques Inc.’s Premier HR Manager offer ways to easily track employee training, work history, employee benefits and more. With document imaging features you can eliminate stacks of paper files and easily find information when you need it.