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Importance of Transcripts for New HR Applicants

Author : Scott Thomas

Many job applicants don’t often attach their transcripts when applying for a job. A transcript is a supporting document and there are a lot of views from different individuals as to whether or not they should be used. However, for those applicants who are fresh out of college with little work experience on their resume a college or school transcript can show a great deal about the candidate.

1. It reveals more about the job applicant.
A collage transcript will show how a job applicant is committed to his/her work. If a job applicant was in a position to excel in his/her courses he/she did then it means that the job applicant will likely do very well in the field. It doesn’t mean that those who didn’t do well in class work cannot perform very well in the field but it implies that those who performed very well utilized their time very well even with limited resources.

2. It serves as a proof that the job applicant did the required units for the job.
The only way that an employer will know for certain that the job applicant did the required level of education for a position in human resource management is by looking at the transcripts. This is the only document that will prove the required education was completed. A physical college degree only shows that the job applicant has graduated but the transcript will show all the units/courses he/she completed.Software Techniques Premier Human Resource Manager,  HR Software 30 day free trial button

3. It assist to eliminate job applicants when there are many qualified job applicants.
Sometimes, there are many job applicants who are qualified for the advertised post. Merits can be used and those who scored less in the units that the employer is targeting can be eliminated. This will be a fair criterion for all the applicants as those who scored highly will be selected. Without the transcripts, it could be very hard and time consuming for the employer to choose amongst the many applicants.

4. It allows the employer to choose an expert in the field he/she wants.
The transcript will show the courses/units that the job applicant did very well and if it is among the ones that the employer is looking for, it means that he/she will choose the best. This will not only enhance the efficiency of the job seeker but will also enhance quality output from the one chosen since he/she is an expert.