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Easy and Affordable Attendance Software for Business Owners Like You

If you’re running your own business, there’s literally a hundred things going on your mind right now.

You have to worry about lead generation, your website, financials, customer service, actual sales, conversions, partnerships, marketing… the list goes on! There’s just so many facets of a business that you can literally lose track of a few things.

One item that you might not be able to focus on is your employee’s attendance. At this day and age, manual time cards are nothing but a thing of the past. With almost every business function moving over to the cloud, your company’s attendance solution should not be an exception.

Attendance Management Made Easy

One of the things that you must invest on as a business owner is a reliable attendance management system for your employees.

Believe it or not, you actually lose a lot of money because of payroll fraud. It’s been reported that about 27% of businesses are affected by payroll fraud — and the root cause is that there is no reliable time and attendance system in place.

Buddy punching and ghost employees are pretty common in the corporate world, and with no attendance software in place, you’re pretty much bound to lose money.

Those headaches will be put to rest with SoftTime Online, our attendance management system that’s so easy to use. And we mean it!

Imagine an attendance management system that’s purely online, and 100% automated. You wouldn’t even need to hire an extra staff to manage employee attendance — everything can be done on autopilot.

Our software makes managing attendance very easy. With so many things for you to do, SoftTime allows you to focus on other business items that are more important. The system frees you up time which you can channel elsewhere.

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Track Employee Attendance Accurately

Forget spoofing manual time cards and employees who resort to buddy punching, those tactics won’t work with SoftTime Online.

Our feature-rich system allows easy employee attendance tracking. It covers everything from clocking in and clocking out, while also featuring a robust leave management system. This makes it easier for you and your HR team to check on the status of your employees.

And because everything is on the cloud, you won’t have to worry about hardware malfunctions. We are completely hosting all your data on the cloud, with 100% security.

Leave Management and Payroll

Aside from the usual attendance tracking, requesting for time off is also made easy with our software. This works great for both you as an employer, and for your employees as well.

A reliable leave management platform makes it easier for  your employees to request leaves and for you to approve them. This ensures you that you are always on top of your employees whereabouts and whether or not you are to expect them to come to work or not.

Now with your employees’ attendance records in check, generating payroll will be nothing but a breeze. You are guaranteed to have accurate data and computations because every single step of the process has been streamlined. Easy, right?

Why You Need This

Above anything else, SoftTime Online gives you back one of the most valuable assets in your business – time.

Aside from the thousands of dollars that you could save by preventing attendance fraud, the best thing you can get out of using an attendance software like ours is time… Time that you can use to do other meaningful business actions. Time to spend with your family. Time that your HR staff can save to focus on other key areas such as recruitment and employee engagement.

Finding an attendance software for small businesses that can truly get the job done isn’t easy. You might have your own reservations, and that’s normal. But sometimes, making a decision in investing on something as basic like this can actually do wonders for your business.

You have so much to gain, and nothing to lose. Help your company grow even further and start using an attendance software today!