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Communication Tips for a Successful Annual Enrollment

Annual enrollment can prove to be a challenging period for employees, as they grapple with important decisions for the upcoming year. Many employees find the topic of benefits to be perplexing. This is especially true if they are  not accustomed to working with benefits on a daily basis. Terms such as “annual limit” and “health savings account” can be foreign and seem daunting.

However, tasked with the responsibility of informing and assisting employees to prepare for this event, this season can be even more stressful for HR professionals. Staying well-versed in available benefits, plan changes, and employee questions can make this time even more frustrating.

Annual Enrollment Game Plan

While planning your upcoming meetings, remember to allocate time for Q&A sessions, and send questionnaires to gauge what needs to be addressed in future meetings.

While posting a flyer in the breakroom is a nice idea, you know that’s not sufficient to reach anyone in your org. Effective benefits communication is crucial, with every employee needing a clear understanding of the available options. There are more ways than ever to get the word out about annual open enrollment, and with the right tools and strategy, you can make this time a little easier on yourself. Consider these options to keep your employees ready for enrollment:

Communication Tips for Open Enrollment

⦁ Organize a webinar to discuss benefits, and schedule them at convenient times to maximize employee attendance. Allow employees to submit questions in advance for inclusive participation. Additionally, make recordings of these sessions accessible to accommodate those unable to attend.

⦁ Text alerts with reminders of important dates can be helpful for all, but especially those who work remotely. Include links to access more details.

⦁ Email reminders set at regular intervals can be a great way to reach all employees. Make the most of this method by including links, informative guides and screenshots to give employees detailed instructions for signing in and completing enrollment independently.

⦁ Chatbots can be used on the enrollment website to help with general questions.

⦁ Consider posting important messages prominently within your time and attendance software to ensure visibility. Sending notifications through this platform will help ensure that everyone will see it when they clock in.

⦁ One-on-one virtual meetings may be an option for smaller companies especially if those with limited resources. Again, have the employee submit questions in advance to help specify their needs.

⦁ Sending brochures through the mail can still be beneficial for those who may not be comfortable with technology.

Regularly check for employee understanding and maintain comprehensive documentation of their progress. Be adaptable and ready to make adjustments to benefits documentation as the work environment continues to evolve.