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How to Prevent Time Theft in Your Organization

The Impact of Time Theft

Time theft remains a pervasive challenge across all industries. While opinions vary, the general consensus indicates that this problem is becoming increasingly worse. Breeze 360 aims to help you attack this problem head on. With tools like geofencing, reporting, and autopunching, we’ll show you how simple it can be to reduce time theft in your organization. 

Signs of Time Theft

Buddy, punching, extended breaks, and private activities during work hours are all types of time theft your organization may experience. With the growth of technology and remote work, it’s likely to increase in more nuanced forms. For instance, an employee could leave work-related apps running in the background while they perform personal activities, giving the illusion of actively working.

Most employees do not intend to deceive their employers. However, it can be difficult to split work and home life, especially when one works remotely. This scenario has created gray areas that can be easy for one to exploit without thinking about it. It’s important to communicate that small increments of time can snowball into large losses for businesses. It’s everyone’s responsibility to help keep these instances to a minimum.  

Time Theft Solutions

Breeze 360 can help decrease time theft by creating a culture of accountability. Tools like geofencing can ensure that employees are working from their designated locations. Managers can enable approved work areas, and employees can enable location services on their phones to allow seamless clocking in and out. These practices can act as guidelines for what does and doesn’t constitute time theft and work hours.

In addition to geofencing, Breeze 360 also offers reporting which gives a clearer picture of employees’ punching habits. Our software offers real time attendance tracking so you know who’s on time, and who isn’t.

Time theft may continue to change in the future, but Breeze 360 offers an all-in-one toolkit to handle it effectively. It gives you the power to create a more transparent and accountable work culture, one where time is valued and used effectively. Learn more about our geofencing and attendance offerings and see just how … Breeze can be.