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Guaranteed for life

Introducing Breeze 360

Time Clocks

Accurate, real-time employee time and attendance data from the convenience of an in-person clock.

The future of workforce management is here!

Breeze Time Clocks support accurate, real-time captures of employee time and attendance data. Our plan offers an unlimited warranty, with no extra cost for replacements.
Breeze Time Clocks support Breeze 360 as well as other time and attendance software.
Never be without a time clock again.



Breeze Time Clock features

Versatile punching

Employees can effortlessly punch in/out with a fingerprint, face scan, badge, or code. This provides options for contactless punching.

Eliminate buddy punching

Eliminate the ability for employees to punch other coworkers in/out.

Timeclock manager

Included software that provides a seamless process for admins and super admins to transfer data from your Breeze Time Clock to your HR software.

Any questions?

Give our sales team a shout be on your way to getting started with a Breeze Time Clock



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