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Breeze 360 Videos

Learn more about Breeze 360 with our videos and tutorials. You can also see more on our You Tube channel.

Administrator Overview

Learn about the key features in Breeze 360 employee time and attendance software.

  • Dashboard Views
  • Administrator Options
  • Supervisor Roles
  • Super Admin Users
  • My Time for Employees
  • Leave Requests
  • Accrual Policies

Audit History

Breeze 30 keeps a complete time stamped audit history that is keyword searchable and written in a easy to read manner.

Breeze 360 Mobile App for Employees

Learn more about the tools for employees on the mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Punching In / Out
  • My Time
  • My Week 
  • Calendar
  • Holiday Schedule
  •  Submit Leave requests

Calendar Basics

Learn more about Calendar basics in Breeze 360.


Learn more about creating unlimited Departments and how they benefit you in managing time and attendance.

Employee Leave Requests

Learn how employees make leave requests within Breeze 360.

Geofencing and Geotracking

Walk through the steps of using Geotracking and Geofencing for automated employee punch-in options.

Location Approvals & Location Management

Used as a part of the Geofencing and Geotracking within Breeze, location approvals & location management allows you to set approved locations for employee punch-ins.

Message of the Day

This tool shows employees any posted messages when they first lo0gin to Breeze 360.

Online Reporting

Learn how to create and use the reporting within Breeze.

Point and Occurrence Tracking

Breeze comes with a point system for employers to proactively use rewards or address time and attendance issues.

Super Admin Options

This video goes over the Super Admin Options with Breeze 360.

Supervisor Roles

Walk through the supervisor rules within Breeze 360.

Restore Employees

Learn more about the fuction to restore employees within Breeze 360.