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Employee Attendance Software to Address Complex Business Needs

Breeze 360 time and attendance software is configurable to adjust to your company’s unique time and attendance requirements. With granular options for configuring multiple employee policies, categories and more, Breeze 360 can meet the needs of nearly all companies.

Adopt the Simplicity of Automated Employee Attendance.

Your Managers will Thank You.

Breeze 360 provides managers with automated, comprehensive processing of all employee time and attendance events. HR and managers will have a clear view of employee punch ins, accruals, leave requests, and more!

  • A live In / Out board allows managers to see who is at work easily.
  • Managers can easily approve leave requests with our automated leave approval process.
  • A Supervisor / administrator dashboard shows attendance by department.
  • Multiple report options for employee time and attendance.
  • Multiple report options for approved employee leave.
  • Geo location options for tracking attendance by location via the mobile app.
Breeze 360 Employee Attendance

Automate your Employee Time & Attendance with Breeze 360

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