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Automate Employee Attendance so You Can do Your Best Work

Whether you are a food producer, supplier or retailer, Breeze 360 can automate your employee time and attendance needs. With changing market and work conditions, Breeze can adapt and manage employee time and attendance efficiently and accurately.

Gain Control Over Employee Attendance 

Employee attendance is critical in every step of food production.  With Breeze 360, you can monitor employee attendance to understand trends in lateness and tardiness. 

  • Easily track and approve employee leave requests.
  • With our mobile app for iOS and Android employees can auto punch in and out from approved locations.
  • View who is clocked in with our In / Out board..
  • Breeze 360 inlcudes over 50 reports to view your employee time and attendance data.
  • Projects & Tasks can associate an employee with a particular project or task.

Automate Employee Time & Attendance with Breeze 360

Give your company added efficiency and accuracy with every aspect of your workforce management.

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