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Experience accurate time and attendance on the go

The Breeze 360 mobile app makes it easy to track time and attendance, no matter your work situation.

Geofencing capability

Geofencing is a technology that uses satellite positioning to establish an accurate location with latitude and longitude.
When using Breeze 360 geofencing, a company can set boundaries for employees as a designated location. This allows employers to allow employees to punch in with their mobile app only within the geofence.

  • Autopunching for employees via mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Manage time for multiple locations easily
  • Manage time worked for remote employees
  • Ensure accuracy for any employee type

Getting started is a breeze.

You shouldn't have to wait for great time and attendance. Our process is easy, fast, and allows you to start set up within minutes.

its free!


Simply access the Breeze 360 set up process below, or any of the "Get Started" links on our website.

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Our team will contact you to collect final details, plan information, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a personal set up and training manager.


That's it! Our process is simple and designed not to take away from your busy life.