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Breeze 360 Time and Attendance Powered by GPS Geofencing

Available only with Breeze 360 Professional, our time and attendance software with GPS Geofencing features makes it easy for remote employees, and teams with multiple locations, to punch in, collect, and track time, and know who is working at which locations.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is technology that uses satellite positioning technology to establish and accurate location with latitude and longitude. When using Breeze 360 geofencing, a company can set boundaries for employees as a designated location. Boundaries for time and attendance can be used for:

  • Setting assigned locations for punching in and out via the Breeze 360 mobile app for Android & iOS.
  • Auto-punch options for when an employee arrives at the designated location.

Benefits of Geofencing with Breeze 360 Professional

Breeze 360 benefits employers as a key part of ensuring employee time worked is automated and accurate.

  • Autopunching for Employees via mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Manage time for multiple locations easily
  • Manage time worked for remote employees
  • Ensuring accuracy for different types of employees

 With Breeze 360 Professional the number of time collection and payroll errors can be reduced dramatically for a worry free payroll process.

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