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Breeze 360 Employee Attendance Software is a fit for Any Industry

Breeze 360 is flexible and can be configured to adapt to a range of workflows, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industries.

For the past 20+ years Software techniques has been designing and building Time & Attendance solutions for companies of all sizes. Breeze 360 offers a robust time & attendance software with innovative timekeeping functionality to efficiently manage a diverse workforce with exact HR policies to automate the time and attendance management.

Breeze 360 offers the latest technology for time keeping and HR management, accommodating numerous configurations to adapt to your unique time and attendance needs.


Automated time tracking and clock in from any location gives flexibility and accuracy to diverse working teams.


Breeze 360 offers automatic time keeping, time sheet management, workforce scheduling, and PTO management all in one application.


Complex configurations, HR regulations and accrual rules are managed seamlessly for diverse teams in an academic setting.


Breeze 360 supports time tracking from multiple locations with geo-location and geo-fencing ideal for teams working on-site.

Food Services

Attendance tracking reduces the time you spend on employee leave management and minimizes leave abuse.


Complex accrual rules provide agencies and employees the ability to track and request leave from the mobile app for Android & iOS.


Ideal for healthcare, easily manage employee attendance and paid time off for all employees with our easy-to-use interface.


With Breeze 360, you can reduce payroll errors and easily enforce time-off policies uniformly with controlled user access.


With Breeze 360, track employee production with a point tracking system and ensure policies are followed uniformly.

Professional Services

The flexible and robust configuration capacity of Breeze 360 makes managing dynamic teams in a variety of locations easy.


Breeze 360 enables you to spend less time on leave enquiries with employee self-view and enjoy controlled access from the web.


With Breeze 360 small and medium sized enterprises receive a cost effective robust time and attendance software.


Breeze 360 saves you time, money and reduces payroll errors with an intuitive interface and employee views.


Easily track employee attendance, location from anywhere with geo-location and geo-fencing within our mobile app.


Effectively handle your time and attendance needs with Breeze 360, from the time an employee logs in to payroll integration.

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