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Breeze 360 Kiosk for iOS

Get all the tracking and analysis capability of Breeze 360 from a central punch station with the Breeze 360 Kiosk app for iOS. Punch in and out using Radio Frequency ID cards for contactless clocking in and out as well as touch screen punch using username and password. 

Breeze 360 Kiosk

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Enjoy all the benefits of Breeze 360 with one central punch station using our new, Breeze 360 Kiosk app for iOS — now with contactless check-in using RFID technology. 

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Breeze 360 Kiosk for iOS


Contactless scanning with RFID cards makes clocking in easy and safe with no sanitization required.


Employees punch in with either their RFID badge or their username and password to secure their data.


The streamlined swipe-and-go punch process is suitable for anyone, regardless of language or technological barriers.


A great option for employees who cannot utilize the Breeze 360 mobile app on their own phone, the Kiosk keeps all clocking in and out in one monitorable location.


Choose between RFID card swipe or keyed entry with a username and password — or let employees choose.