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Breeze 360 Mobile Help Videos
Learn more about the Breeze 360 mobile app with our videos and tutorials. You can also find these videos on the mobile app.

Click here for our Breeze 360 Web App video walkthroughs.

Breeze 360 Mobile App Overview

The Breeze 360 mobile app provides managers with the right tools to manage employees on the go. Manage employee leave requests, time worked, points, and more! 

Using our GPS technology, administrators can specify where employees are able to punch in/out from and can enable auto-punch.

Registering Geo-Locations
Employees can submit geo-locations for administrator approval. Geo-locations determine where employees are able to punch in/out from.

Creating a Demo Account

Create a demo account directly from the Breeze 360 mobile app. Once you have registered your demo account, you are then able to add your employees and rules via the Breeze 360 web app.

How Employees Enable Auto-Punch

With auto-punch technology, employees can automatically be punched in as they arrive on site. Employees can view geofencing locations to make sure that they have been approved by their supervisor.

Submitting Leave Requests

Employees can easily create and submit leave requests using the Breeze 360 mobile app. Employees can also view their PTO balances and allowances prior to submitting a leave request. 

Leave Request Approval
Administrators and supervisors can approve/deny leave requests using the Breeze 360 mobile app. The Approvals screen lists any conflicts that may occur with other employees’ approved time off.