B R E E Z E 3 6 0

A Point System to Ensure Accuracy & Performance 

Track time and attendance issues within your team for a proactive approach to employee performance. Breeze 360 comes with a configurable points system and acts as a supervisor providing 24/7 monitoring for your team. 

Tracking Time and Attendance Performance

Create an unlimited amount of occurrences and associate a point value with any occurrence. Use it to track lateness, leaving early, perfect attendance,exceptional work or any other occurence you can think of.

  • Configurable rules to track company specific requirements.
  • Create a rating systems for points accrued with events and points removed.
  • Support for an unlimited amount of rules.
  • Flexible rule structure to allow for events oriented points accrual and for points to wear off over time.
  • Provide accurate documentation for employee time and attendance.

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