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Experience the freedom of choice for time and attendance

With multiple options for recording time and attendance, Breeze 360 gives you the most value and freedom for your workforce management.

Punch how you please

Lease a time clock

Go above and beyond with our in-person kiosks. Designed to run smoothly with Breeze 360, our time clock stations come with facial and fingerprint recognition, live time and attendance updates, and the ability to run on or offline.

Lease one of our time clocks for a low monthly price with a full replacement at any time for free.

Initial cost

Pay only $50 USD initally for setup and registration.


Pay $15 USD for the remainder of your lease, with an unlimited "forever warranty" replacement at any time, no questions asked.

Getting started is a breeze.

You shouldn't have to wait for great time and attendance. Our process is easy, fast, and allows you to start set up within minutes.

its free!


Simply access the Breeze 360 set up process below, or any of the "Get Started" links on our website.

Start now


Our team will contact you to collect final details, plan information, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a personal set up and training manager.


That's it! Our process is simple and designed not to take away from your busy life.