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One Month Later … (a testimonial)

One of the more frustrating and time consuming aspects of running a business is the employee side of things. There is no avoiding the fact that employee attendance and absence tracking must be done. Employers scramble for the best way but usually settle for a solution which leaves them frustrated. A number of challenges confront the average business with regard to how they keep up with vacations, absences, family leave time and on and on. Many employers have difficulty tracking and maintaining a comprehensive record of when their employees are away from work, why they are away and keeping up with balances of their employees’ vacation and personal time. For most, its either excel spread sheets, which are cumbersome and greatly limited in scope of tracking and reports, or they simply use written paper files which are not easily searchable for specific information and take up tons of space.

I have been with Software Techniques for only a month now. My initial impression, after hearing from customers and using the solutions myself, is that every company with more than a handful of employees could save so much time, money and headaches if they simply took advantage of these robust and flexible solutions offered by Software Techniques . No matter your industry or number of employees Software Techniques is on the leading edge of technology in answering the growing needs of businesses to save money while effectively tracking their employees’ time, attendance and personnel records.

Cameron Elliott Software Techniques Inc. New Employee