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6 Tools for Your Growing Business

According to a survey conducted by small biz trends, 82 percent of successful business owners did not doubt they had the right qualifications and proper experience to run a company. If you are reading this you may be one of the 82 percent who needs to up their game and go for the work smarter not harder goal. In order for you to get on the efficiency bandwagon and not fall behind from your competition, you need to implement business-oriented platforms that will help you improve daily business tasks and focus more on what’s important.

To help you decide and save you from the tedious search, we’ve narrowed down 6 helpful tools that will help you with your growing business.

1.) Skype– Skype is still a must-have communication tool for your team in the 21st century. Aside from Skype being free, Skype has upgraded its features since it came out in 2003. You can chat one on one or easily collaborate with your team. Other features include file-sharing, audio and video calls, screen sharing, message search, create a poll, cash transfers and other fun features like responding with emoticons, GIFs, stickers and emojis and more.  

2.) Breeze 360 – Breeze 360 is a cloud based attendance tracking tool that does much more. It also tracks paid time off and leave requests, you can easily generate valuable reports that can be viewed online, printed, or sent as an e-mail. You can reduce time spent on leave management as you can accept or deny a leave request instantly from your inbox. It has a 30-day free trial and is very affordable.

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3.) Postfity – Postfity is a social media marketing tool allowing you to schedule social media posts for different social media platforms. Posting every single day in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin can be a daunting task. Postifity can help you schedule your week-long posts in advance in less than a day.

4.) TimeKron – Tracking employee time worked is so much easier, you don’t have to deal with paperwork and messy timesheets anymore. Your employees can clock in with a biometric device or just use a personal computer, even if they’re on the road. It also does the complicated calculation so you do not have to. It also has advanced reporting features, over 25 valuable reports including weekly timesheet status, excessive hours, lateness check, in/out history and more.



5.) Canva – As a growing business, you want to have a go-to application for your graphic design. Especially for your marketing. Canva is one of the free all-in-one graphic design platforms you’ll want to have right now. It is a versatile tool as it lets you choose from thousands of templates in different formats. No more creative fatigue. You can easily change color and fonts allowing you to stick to your business’ brand. You can create social media, posters, brochures, PDF’s, e-book covers, presentations, infographics and more. You’ll also save time figuring out the best dimensions for your social media as Canva has ready-made templates you can choose from.



6.) Premier Human Resource Manager – Human resources can be complex and entailing mounds of paper work and hours of sorting. Many businesses today are transitioning to a more streamlined and paperless environment like Premier Human Resource Manager. With Premier HR Manager, there are lots of daily HR routines you can automate. Premier HR Manager is a user friendly HR tool that lets you easily organize employee records. It is a feature rich system that helps you track a wide range of information like training, compensation, certification, benefits, evaluation and more. It is complete with reminders, notices and over 70 reports and more.

These round-up of best tools to help your business with mundane and repetitive tasks. Everything is in the cloud and they’re all free, or have free trials that you can use test out for your growing business.